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Dr Richard Haddlesey BSc MSc PhD has over 17 years’ experience of researching and recording medieval buildings and is particularly interested in the carpentry employed during the construction of late-medieval timber-framed buildings (c. 1280-1530).

The aim of this site is to aid research into English medieval architecture, especially Late-Medieval carpentry and the medieval open hall through the medium of Buildings Archaeology coupled with Digital Archaeology.

As such, I invite you to add your medieval building to our Photographic Archive and also have its details recorded on the Building Archaeology Research Database.

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The open hall house

In England, by the end of the fourteenth century, it is thought that the fully developed medieval hall arrangement had been attained. That is to say - the addition of two compartments either side of the open hall house to accommodate the service rooms and living quarters, forming a tripartite design, had become common place.

photographic archive

The archive stands at over 100 buildings dendro dated between AD1244 and 1574 with 4 dated by documents (denoted by*). The majority of the dates are available on the Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory website and the Vernacular Architecture Group's website.

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