1 Somersets Cottages, Bentley

This cruck building dates to 1311.

Three trusses of a probable four-bay cruck house survive. The evidence suggests that the two-bay hall was originally flanked by in-line service and parlour bays. The assumed parlour bay was rebuilt in the seventeenth century. Crucks in Hampshire exhibit a range of apex treatments, and in this house all three surviving cruck couples have different apex details. The impressive central hall truss has truncated crucks and an arch-braced collar supporting a tall king post which in turn supports the ridge beam. The truss between the hall and the presumed service bay has a type C apex, although both blades have short, neatly scarfed-on extensions. The blades of the truss at the other end of the hall also stop short of the ridge and carry a king post which links two high collars and then supports the ridge (variant of the F1 apex). This is the earliest domestic cruck building so far dated in the county. It shares features with the early cruck at nearby Dogmersfield (felling date: winter 1335/6; VA 38,127) including the use of a king post to support the ridge, and of almost straight square-section windbraces. Dating commissioned by the Hampshire Field Club and the owner. (VA 39,135)


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