Manor Farmhouse, Binsted

This building dates to 1314/15.

West Court is a two-bay base-cruck hall with a crown-post roof. There is evidence for an in-line service bay in the form of notched-lap collars extending beyond the low-end truss. This truss retains its arcade posts which are chamfered on all four sides at ground-floor level where there is no mortice evidence for a partition. The high-end truss survives at first-floor level and halved across its tiebeam is an arch-braced truss of an early solar cross-wing. There are arcade braces at both end-trusses but not at the central base-cruck truss. The barn was originally a four-bay aisled structure with hip aisles at either end. Passing braces were halved across tiebeams, arcade posts and aisle ties but tenoned into the aisle posts. The wall plates have grooved soffits, presumably to hold vertical planking. It has curved arch and arcade braces. Strangely, the waggon entrance appears to have been in an end bay rather than in one of the two central bays. The roof has been reconstructed, although the absence of mortices in the upper faces of the tiebeams suggests an original sans-purlin roof. Some original rafters survive but no principal rafters. A post-medieval extension of one bay reuses some of the original end-aisle timbers. Both buildings were erected for Richard de Westcote who was active between 1296 and his death in 1333. Dating commissioned by the owner, the Hampshire Buildings Survey Group, and the Hampshire Field Club. (VA 39, 136)


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