The Old Manor, Ashley

This building dates to 1529. The Old Manor, Ashley is composed of two timber-framed structures: a house dated to 1529/30, and what is at present a storehouse standing behind the house and dated to 1521. The storehouse is a three-bay structure with a clasped-purlin and queen-post roof. The end bay nearer to the house was originally open and has heavy sooting on its rafters. The two remaining bays were floored with unchamfered, axial joists. This building is interpreted as a detached kitchen and is similar to examples discovered in Sussex by David Martin. The two floored bays may have been used for storage or for the accommodation of servants or elderly members of the family The parlour bay and hall of the main house still survive, although the service area has been rebuilt. Once again, the roof is of clasped-purlin construction with queen struts. The central bay was clearly intended as an open hall, for axial joists from the parlour project into the high end to create an internal jetty. However, the roof above, which also dates to 1529/30, is unsooted. It would seem as if, having built a brand-new detached kitchen, it was unnecessary to cook in the hall and any heating may have been provided by a charcoal brazier. The hall floor, with heavy axial beam and transverse joists, have dated to 1605/6. See Individual Case Studies (Roberts 1997, VA 28, 115-6) (Miles and Worthington 1997, VA 28, list 85)

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